Cartel Quiver and Belt

Cartel Quiver & 101 Belt

Cartel Quiver & 101 Belt

The Cartel Quiver is a very cool quiver that has many features including two easily accessible pockets, and wide design sleeves for arrows. The quivers’ base is joined to the top portion using sturdy metal snaps, which makes it detachable for easy storage and portability.

The quiver has two pockets, one near the top of the quiver and the other on the base. The top pocket provides easy access to your finger tab or release and provides protection from the elements for the contents and has ample room for other things such a pen without seeming cramped. The base pocket is a great size to store all the other things that an archer needs on the line including Allen keys, a pocketknife, additional pens or pencils.

Cartel 101 Belt

Cartel 101 Belt - Hook Clasp

The Cartel 101 Belt is a necessary companion. The sturdy design with the use of snaps allows the belt to be suitability adjusted and provides great strength to support a full quiver with arrows and other accessories.  The belt’s hook is a simple twist and hook clasp that provides a very strong connection and is easy to put together and take apart.

The Cartel quiver and 101 belt are a great addition to my equipment and I really enjoying using it. I highly recommend it for all archers that want a sturdy, affordable and fashionable quiver.

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