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My Story

It all started with a garage sale and the purchase of a small beginner compound bow from a fellow homeschooling family.  Together our families started an introduction to archery class at South Nation Archery Club. After a few classes my coach Larry Smith invited me to join the advanced classes.  Eventually I grew out of my beginner bow and decided on the direction I wanted to take with my archery, so I switched to a recurve bow.

In the advanced classes, under the tutelage of Kathy Millar, I started to flourish and really enjoy archery.  One day, my dad found there were tournaments for archery and asked if I wanted to give it a shot. I said sure and participated in my first tournament at 12 years old.  I enjoyed the competition so much, I shot two weeks later in the next tournament.

Two months later at the Club’s Annual Awards Ceremony, I found out that I had shot in the Ontario Indoor Provincial Championships followed by the Canadian National Indoor Championships. It was an even bigger shock to find out I had captured the provincial Bronze and the national Silver medals.

Since then I have competed my times, locally provincially, nationally and internationally with goals of one day winning Canada’s first Olympic archery medal.  I train six days a week in pursuit of my dreams and upon completion of high school, I plan to pursue a degree in kinesiology and physiotherapy, as well as become a national level archery coach to train the next generation of Canadian archers. I am already a certified NCCP beginner archery coach and a trained NCCP intermediate archery coach.

My Blog

When I joined the ranks of competitive archery, it was very difficult to find information about tournaments, information for young archers, especially girls, and archery in general.  The goal of this blog is to impart some of my knowledge and experiences to new archers to help them enjoy archery as much as I do.

My Sponsors

As a young recurve archer, I am extremely fortunate to have sponsors including Cartel Doosung of Korea who provide equipment for me to compete with and Amherstview Family Chiropractic who provide health care.  In my blogging, I try to highlight their equipment and services and how it has helped my archery career and how it can help you.  Be sure to visit my sponsors page.

My Accomplishments

Since I started to compete in 2006, I have actually accomplished more than my share in a short period of time. One of my personal highlights was capturing a silver medal at the 2011 Canada Winter Games.  If you want to know more check out my accomplishments page.

My Records

During these past few years, I was able to break a couple of provincial and national records. My personal favourite was anchoring a senior team with my good friend Nancy Chalut and my coach Kathy Millar. Together we broke the National Women’s Indoor Recurve Open team record with a score of 221. For a complete list of visit my records page.

My Media Coverage

One of the coolest by products of success is attention and I have been fortunate enough to grab some media attention of the past few years. For a list of all the various times I found myself in the newspaper, check out my media coverage page.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for your kind words about Northampton Archery Club’s site at http://northamptonarchery.org.uk/ web site here in the UK. You are so fortunate to have started Archery at such a young age. We thoroughly enjoy the sport, but having taken it up later in life it has been such hard work – teaching an old dog new tricks is not easy! Wish you all the very best for the future. Great blog site by the way, with some really good tips.

  2. Hi, Jordan!
    Thanks for liking my post on my first attempt at archery. In no way could I ever reach your level of expertise, but I’ll be rooting for you. Best of luck to you.

  3. I’m glad to see that your a Canadian! 😉 Canada is the best! I’m so glad you have this site. I’m also trying to get to the Olympics, although I’ve just started. Any tips on practice routines or equipment? I would love all the help I can get.

  4. Hey been reading your articles while ive been waiting for my archery gear to come in. They have been very informative. Just getting into archery and im not going to be using a sight right away. Any tips and advice on aiming without a sight? thanx

  5. Thanks for the like Jordan on my blog regarding the “The Archer” Poem I wrote…I do own a bow myself (recruve) and I shoot only recreationally with it..not competitively…..glad to see your so active in the sport and so good per your blog….ever think of participating in the Summer Olympics?

  6. Hi Jordan…thank you for having a look at my blog…my youngest has just turned 7 and started shooting last year…and he’s hooked…so your blog will be really helpful for us to have a read through…..thanks and we’ll be stopping to have a read a lot more 🙂

  7. I have a 12 year old daughter that is totally enthralled with her compound bow and desires to take up the recurve. How do you decide what is the best combo of riser, limb, and draw?

    • Depending on how long she has been shooting, you should make an investment according to her current skill level. Trial and error is one way to select equipment, however at 12 years old she is going to grow and change a lot ( speaking from experience ), so this can be very frustrating.

      Therefore my recommendation is to find a local archery club and a qualified coach to guide her through her development and help her select the equipment that best suits her.

  8. Hey Jordan,

    I was searching online today for archery Olympic tips when I came across https://jordansequillion.wordpress.com.

    Awesome stuff!

    Actually, I just launched a guide that provides some top picks of the best recurve bows on the market right now. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while and recently got it out there on our site. It provides our top picks as well as some specifications. I would love for you to consider mentioning it on your blog or writing a review.

    Let me know how that sounds. You can e-mail me at info@bestrecurvebowspot.com.

    Jesse Foster

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