Ontario Spring Classic

This year my coach recommended I attend the Ontario Spring Classic during the Father’s Day weekend in Toronto. The Ontario Spring Classic is designed to bring the best archers in Canada together to compete against each other. Everyone shoots 70 meters distance, separated only by recurve or compound and male or female. The tournament is held over two days and consists of a double 70-meter on Saturday and a double knockout elimination round on Sunday.

This tournament was a great learning experience and I was able to shoot with some of the best archers in Canada including a couple former Olympians.  In the double 70-meter, I shot 493 and 470 and forced a tiebreaker in the third round of elimination on the second day. I am very pleased with the results considering this was my first ever 70 meters shoot and I do not need to compete at this distance for few more years.

 I am already looking forward to competing next year.

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