Build an Inexpensive Indoor Target

Build an Inexpensive Indoor Target

Old phone-books make a great target butt because once they are laid down and compressed, arrows simply slide between the pages and stop.  For this project you are going to need a lot of phone-books, twenty to thirty for a single face.  Large quantities can be found, usually between March and June when the new books are distributed, at office or apartment buildings or you can just ask all your friends and neighbors for their old phone-books.

Phone-book target butts are very durable and economical plus they help the environment by recycling/re-purposing the phone-books  instead of adding to our landfills.

WARNING: The completed project will be VERY heavy and difficult to move, please ask for help and remember SAFETY FIRST.



Building Materials

  • Phone-books (20-30 or more)
  • A 2”x4”
  • Plywood or 2”x10”
  • (Something to act as a shelf for the phone-books)
  • 2 Long (24” – 36”) Threaded Rods with
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Nails (or Screws)


  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit or Hole Maker
  • Clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wrench


Step by Step Instructions

1)      Lay two phonebooks side by side and measure the total length.  (This is the minimum distance between the two treaded rods ) and add a minimum of 12 inches ( 6 inches on either side ) to drill holes for the thread rods.

2)      Cut 2 lengths from the 2” x 4” ( Top and Bottom ) and the same for the shelf.

3)      Stack the two 2”x  4” and the shelf  and clamp them together.

This is to make sure the the drilled holes are lined up to allow the thread rod to pas through cleanly.

4)      Measure the location for the holes on either end of the 2” x 4”. Start by finding the middle and measure one-phonebook length on either side and add a inch for the center.

5)      Using a Drill and a drill bit slight large than the diameter of the threaded rod, drill

two holes ( one on either side ) through both 2”x 4” and shelf.

6)      Depending on where you want to mount it create a couple of wall brackets from the remaining wood.

7)      Mount one 2”x 4” and the shelf to the wall-mounted bracket with screws or nails making sure NOT to obstruct the holes for the threaded rod.

8)      Stack phonebooks on the shelf lying down side-by-side with bindings at the back. Make sure to get the phonebooks at tight together as possible.

9)      Place the remaining 2” x  4” on top, lining up the holes with the bottom 2” x 4”

10)  Put 1 bolt and washer on each of the Threaded rods and put them through each side of the top and bottom 2”x 4”’s

11)  Add the washer and bolt to the bottom, then using the wrench, tighten them evenly until both side has compressed the phone-books.

12)  As an extra safety you can add a nail to the center of the top 2” x 4” and tie it off to the wall so it will not tip.

13)  You are ready to add a target face and begin shooting.

This target will last many years and can be easily re-freshed with new phonebooks.

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