Cartel Mighty Sight

Cartel Mighty Sight

Cartel Mighty Sight

I recently switched to the Cartel Mighty sight and I am already enjoying how easy it is to use. The Mighty sight has many features that I find very useful and is very lightweight for young archers who cannot handle a lot of weight on their bows.

The sight includes a very small pointer which points to the exact sight marks for a particular distance. There is an inner aiming ring inside the sight hole. This is extremely useful to make sure the sight is in the same spot on each shot, especially further distances when the target appears smaller.

Mighty Sight - Knobs

Mighty Sight - Knobs

The best feature of this sight however has to be the two knobs for fine tune adjusting to .002” tolerance. One knob is for adjusting up and down and the other for micro adjusting left and right.

The Mighty sight is a welcome addition to my archery bow and I am really enjoying using it.

2 thoughts on “Cartel Mighty Sight

  1. Hi, I’m just a beginer and I has buy tris sight last week.
    Is the first time that I use it, and the other once that I has uses has been a Toyo C. I know how to use tris sight to ove and fix verticaly, but in horizontal I has one question. The fine tunee is ok, but the other knob?

    By the way, nice post.
    Miguel, from Spain.

    • Miguel Mad,
      There are two methods to adjust the sight horizontally, the large knob or dial is for fine tuning and the numbers 0-9 represent a full turn of the aiming ring. If you need to move the sight a large amount unscrew the tension pin and turn the aiming ring itself and tighten it again. I hope you enjoy using your the new sight.

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