Canadian National Outdoor Target Championships

One of the biggest archery tournaments in Canada is the Canadian National Outdoor Target Championships which consists of the Target Championship, Field Championship, the Canadian Open and the team event “The Fred Usher Cup”.  In addition, the 3D Outdoor Championships are usually held in the same province around the same time.

The tournament is on an eight year provincial host rotation and since this annual tournament regularly changes locations it is an awesome way to get to see Canada. Below is a listing of the provinces that will host the Championships over the next 8 years.

  • 2011 – Saskatchewan
  • 2012 – British Columbia
  • 2013 – New Brunswick
  • 2014 – Alberta
  • 2015 – Manitoba
  • 2016 – Ontario
  • 2017 – Quebec
  • 2018 – Nova Scotia

This year the National Championships are being held in Delisle, Saskatchewan from August 9th to August 14th.

In previous years, the National Championships where held over nine days including three days for the Field Championship, five days for the Target Championship and one day for the FCA Open. This year, Archery Canada is introducing a new shorter format with 2 days for Field, 3 days for Target and one day for the Canadian Open (formerly the FCA Open). The schedule is as follows…

Field Championship

  • Day one is the official Field Championship practice and equipment inspection.
  • Day two is consists 24 targets Field round.

Target Championship

  • Day Three is the official Target Championship practice and equipment inspection.
  • Day Four consists of FITA 1440 round with the long distances in the morning and the short distances in the afternoon.
  • Day Five consists on FITA 720 round

Canadian Open

  • Day Six is the Canadian Open which is a single elimination match play round with limited entry.

If you are interested in participating in the Canadian National Outdoor Championships visit the Archery Canada website for details and registration.

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