Quiver Tubes

Arrows are one of the most important parts of any archer’s arsenal. You can have the best bow in the world however, without a couple of arrows you are not going to be able to do anything. Nowadays arrows are not cheap and we protect them when in storage and transportation however while shooting we need them on our hip in our quiver ready of action. Most quivers come with dividers or tubes to help separate arrows and are a cheap and easy solution for protecting your arrows.

Quiver tubes offer protection against damage to the quiver, avoiding lost arrows and injury to the archer. Tubes also offer protection for our arrows and their fletchings. While arrows are bunched up and being tossed around in the quiver the tubes or dividers keep them separated to avoid damage to the arrow shafts and feathers. Any such damage can result in poor arrow flight performance and therefore lower scores.

Another advantage of quiver tubes is that they can act as a visual aide to make sure you do not shoot too many arrows.  With three tubes, you can easily remember three arrows for indoors (one for each tube) or six arrows for outdoors (two for each tube).  Tubes also provide any opportunity to separate your primary arrows from those that you consider as your backups.

Overall, quiver tubes are just a great method to keep and protect your arrows. My Cartel quiver came equipped with arrow dividers, however if your quiver did not come with tubes or dividers, consider purchasing a set. Cartel Doosung offer a simple three pack for a very reasonable price.

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