Midas Chestguard

Whenever an archer releases a bowstring, a tremendous amount of force is unleashed and can do a lot of damage to you or your clothes. In addition, any type of interference with the string can have unpredictable and adverse effects on an archer’s shots, especially for recurve archers. To protect the archer and reduce string interference most competitive archers wear a chest guard.

A chest guard (sometimes called a clothing guard) provides not only protection from the string; it also provides a smooth surface for the string to rest against while at full draw.

There are many various types and styles of chest guards on the market, usually made of manufactured materials such as nylon mesh, leather or a combination of both. Archers need to find the one that works best for them, usually through trial and error. I have tried several styles and brands and have had to sew and pin the chest guard to suit me. In my opinion, the new Cartel Midas chest guard is the best on the market.

My coach Kathy Millar, who has over thirty years of archery experience, said of the new Cartel Midas chest guard…

“…Someone has finally got it right…”

The new Cartel Midas chest guard is available in 6 different colours including black, blue, red, white, purple and green. It is made of nylon mesh and  molds to the body. It is very flexible and provides the least interference with the string.

If you are looking for a chest guard or are frustrated with your current chest guard check out the new Cartel Midas chest guard.

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