Choosing the Right Stabilizer System

Ultimately, using a stabilizer system should help reduce vibration and oscillation to control your bow’s reaction and increase your accuracy. Once you reach a level where you are ready to start using a stabilizer system, you need to pick one that is right for you. There are several factors to consider including mass weight, distribution and length to achieve the desired bow reaction.

Most archers believe they can look in a catalogue and pick out the correct stabilizer. I highly recommend consulting a qualified coach for your application of archery whether its bow hunting, target or field archery to help determine the correct stabilizer system for you.

First, consider the mass weight. If the mass weight of the stabilizer is too much for the archer this can cause early fatigue or strain and have long term effects if you are unable to maintain proper form.

Next, consider how the weight is distributed. Some archers want evenly distributed weight and others prefer end-loaded weights to achieve their desired bow’s reaction. Lighter rods allow more weight on the ends without compromising the overall mass weight.

Then consider the length of the stabilizer system long and short rods.  Typically, a bow hunter uses shorter rods that are less cumbersome for trekking through the bush. For target archers we typically use longer style stabilizer system with side rods because the longer lengths gives more stability while shooting. You need to choose the length that suits your height to avoid undue strain on your body.  There are no hard and fast rules however a basic guide is short archers uses shorter lengths and tall archers use longer lengths.

Starting in 2011, Cartel Doosung is introducing the new Midas MPS stabilizer system. MPS stands for the Multi Power System as is part of their complete line of new Midas products.  The extremely lightweight rod design is well suited for archers that want end-loaded set up or can be used by young archers without any weights.  The Midas MPS stabilizer system is fully customizable and the rods are offered in various lengths (26” 28” and 30” Long rods, 9” 10” and 12” Short rods & 4” 5” and 6” extenders) to match any desired configuration.  Cartel also offers a wide variety of other stabilizer systems as reviewed in an earlier blog.

10 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Stabilizer System

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  2. How do you determine what is the right lenght and weight to start at.what am i looking for.when using long stablizer. so as not to spend alot of money on trail n error.

    • Jon,

      Selecting the length of stabilizer really depends on how tall you are. If you are over 6 feet tall you should probably use a longer rod 28″ – 30″. If you are shorter then you should select a shorter length. Start with just the long rod and slowly increase the weights until you are comfortable. Most stabilizers come with a couple of interchangeable weights. Remember The further the weight is away from your body; the heavier it feels and the more strain put on your shoulder. So you will have to experiment with various combinations of weight depending on the length of the rod you choose and how much pressure you feel in your shoulder.


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  7. hello,

    I’m really interested about this Midas mps carbon stabilizers. i wonder, can we add more weight to the stabilizer? hope to hear from u soon tq. 🙂

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