Playing Robin Hood a globetrotting gig for 21-year-old Ontario man who just set new world record in archery

National Post | News

Christopher Perkins is not bragging, he is just telling it like it is, telling me if you happen to be a deer, leaping about his parents’ 234-acre farm on the outskirts of Athens, Ont, you would be wise to be wary.

Should a deer wander into the hunting sights of Mr. Perkins and his compound hunting bow, what they effectively are is dead — D-E-A-D, as in, dead deer walking. Wild turkeys are likewise toast. Even black bear would be advised to take heed, when the resident archer is in the neighbourhood.

“If a deer makes a mistake, he is going to be in big trouble,” says Mr. Perkins, all matter of fact. “You can bow hunt anything, really.”

Including world records, which is what Mr. Perkins recently shot down in Woodstock, N.B., at the 2013 Canadian Archery Championships. The 21-year-old, if you didn’t already know, is the defending world…

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