Some manufacturers offer bow kit’s that comes with a string designed to be used immediately with your new bow and some archers choose to purchase speciality strings or have a custom string made for them.

Although these various strings are all good options, not all strings have servings that are exactly the same diameter and not all nocks are created exactly the same width, especially between different manufacturers. It is however extremely important to have your nocks fit correctly for both arrow flight consistency and safety. Your arrows should click on snugly and not allow the arrow to twist on the string or move up and down the string loosely. You may need to experiment between various strings and nocks to find the right combinations for you.

If you have already purchased your string and nocks and there are two options to create a snug fit. For a lot of movement, you can have another layer string serving to increase the diameter of the string, however if there is only a little play you can add a “nock serving” using dental floss to create a snug fit.  Check out my new webpage to add your own nock serving.

If you have interested in purchasing a good beginner bow for a young archer check-out Cartel Doosung Triple bow kits. Cartel Doosung also offers a great custom string available in various lengths to match your riser and limbs length.

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