Avoid Damage

A bow is an investment and an archer’s most prized possession. A competitive archer wants their equipment in prime condition for any competitions they attend.  Every archer needs to inspect his or her equipment before every use. Damage to your bow or limbs will result in inconsistent shooting, translating lower scores and can be hazardous.

For take-down recurve bows, it is important to protect the individual pieces of the bow including the riser and the limbs. Minor damage such as a knick, small splinter usually does not affect the limbs performance and can be addressed with sandpaper, nail polish or epoxy.  However, you need to keep a watch on them as they can lead to larger issues. Large cuts, loose laminates, or splinters can result in broken limbs or worse and should not be used and replaced immediately.

You can minimize the risk of damage by purchasing simple protection for your limbs and riser. Some manufacturers provide sleeves to protect limbs and risers however not every riser or set of limbs have this necessary option. Riser and limbs sleeves are a minimal investment with huge benefits and are especially important for soft cases where equipment can move around more easily. If you want to provide some great protection for your riser and limbs without breaking the bank, check out the Cartel CR-102 bow covers.

When you buy an iPod, you buy a cover to protect it.  The same should apply to your limbs and riser.

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