Cartel Arrow Tube

One of the most important pieces of equipment for an archer, regardless of discipline, is arrows. Let’s face it “Where would a gunslinger be without his bullets?”

Taking care of your arrows is very important in archery, they need to be straight, and feathers dry or spin vanes undamaged to provide true arrow flight. Consistent, straight arrows help achieve higher scores and more podium visits.

Most hard cases have slots to hold your arrows, however soft cases can provide challenges to keep your arrows true. You bought a soft case for its’ light weight portability and good protection of your bow equipment and you want the same for your arrows.

Cartel’s Arrow Tube is a lightweight durable plastic tube that provides arrow protection at a very minimal cost. The three inch diameter tube can easily protect 3 dozen arrows that are any length up to 36” and it is adjustable from 24 to 36 inches by ¾ inch increments. The tube features a quick lock lid for quick easy access and provides an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

If you are looking for a simple lightweight method of transporting your arrows, for competitions or simple storage, check out the inexpensive arrow protection provided by the Cartel Arrow Tube.

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