Ontario Spring Classic

Ontario-Spring-ClassicThis past weekend, I attended the Ontario Spring Classic, one of Canada’s premiere archery events usually held in Toronto. This year’s event attracted over 110 archers from Nova Scotia to British Colombia and several international archers including France, Netherlands and the United States.

photo 2The Ontario Spring Classic is a two-day tournament and usually held every year over Father’s day weekend. The tournament starts with a ranking round on Saturday consisting of either double 720 round OR FITA1440 round. On Sunday the tournament finishes with a complete double elimination round.

photo 1This year’s Spring Classic was a double 720 held at Bill Connor Secondary, and doubled as trials for the Youth Olympic Games and the Pan Am games trial run. This year’s competition marked my first outdoor tournament of the 2014 season. Saturday’s weather conditions for the double 720 were crazy. For June, it was very cold at 11°C outside and there were a lot of swirling winds that caused havoc for everyone. The winds were totally unpredictable, they were constantly changing direction and speed, forcing you to really watch closely on each and every shot.

For me, I took the approach to have a good time, talk with friends, continue to embrace it as a new challenge, and a true learning experience. Although the weather finally cleared up for the last two ends, after fighting the winds, I was happy to get back to the hotel, take off my shoes, and sit in the hotel’s hot tub.

photo 3Sunday was a complete reversal of weather conditions, sunny, calm and about 20°C. It was an absolutely beautiful day for shooting. I did manage to last through three rounds of elimination, finally losing to my World Indoor Championships teammate Gayle from Nova Scotia. For me, the best part was getting back to competition, shooting with some of Canada’s top World and Olympic archers, seeing all my friends and spending time with my mom and sister who accompanied me.

Ontario Spring Classic

This June 18th and 19th is Father’s Day weekend and the annual Ontario Spring Classic archery competition held at Woodlands Park in Toronto, Ontario.  The Ontario Spring is an open tournament for recurve and compound archers divided by gender.  All athletes compete at the same distances regardless of age.

Traditionally the Ontario Spring Classic is held in eastern Canada and the Canada Cup is a similar tournament held in British Columbia for western Canada archers. Although anyone willing to travel is welcome at either or both.

The two-day tournament has high-performance archers including past, current and future Olympic hopefuls attending this year’s tournament and the first place winner in each category will receive $500.00 prize money.

Day 1 is archer ranking day and consists of a standard senior distances FITA 1440 for Recurve archers and two 50M 720 for compound archers.  We will be following the new FITA rules of all ends are six arrows for both the longer and shorter distances.

Day 2 is the double elimination round using the new match play. Recurve archers will shoot six arrows at 70M, top scoring archers receive 2 points and with a tie, each archer receives one. First person to six wins. Archers are eliminated when they lose two matches.

This is a highly competitive fun tournament to attend and a great tournament to judge your competitive development against the best archers in Canada.  If you have been competing for a while and believe you are ready to take the next step in competition in Canada, I suggest you plan on attending.

Ontario Spring Classic

This year my coach recommended I attend the Ontario Spring Classic during the Father’s Day weekend in Toronto. The Ontario Spring Classic is designed to bring the best archers in Canada together to compete against each other. Everyone shoots 70 meters distance, separated only by recurve or compound and male or female. The tournament is held over two days and consists of a double 70-meter on Saturday and a double knockout elimination round on Sunday.

This tournament was a great learning experience and I was able to shoot with some of the best archers in Canada including a couple former Olympians.  In the double 70-meter, I shot 493 and 470 and forced a tiebreaker in the third round of elimination on the second day. I am very pleased with the results considering this was my first ever 70 meters shoot and I do not need to compete at this distance for few more years.

 I am already looking forward to competing next year.