Archery Back Pack Bow Case

IMG_2864Last year, I wrote a blog about archery cases to discuss the various types and their uses. One of my subscribers commented “No rucksack-style cases … great for public transport (being a city person). john |”.

Backpack style bow cases are a relatively new type of soft-shell case, recently Cartel sent me one of their Midas infinity archery “backpack” bow cases, to check out and I have to say, I really like it! I find it different from traditional soft-shell cases, as it is more rigid, rugged, and protective and has more compartments to keep everything organized.

Midas infinity Backpack Case

IMG_2868This bow case has two large pockets, with a side compartment for an arrow tube. The main pocket is divided into two large pockets plus a thinner one (for holding limbs, riser, and stabilizer). There are also straps just above the pocket to limit movement and ensure security. There is extra space for other equipment to fit in the main pocket, if needed. The second pocket which is a little bit smaller than the main pocket has three pockets and a strap. Two of the pockets are fairly small and handy for tools and other small equipment, the other pocket is larger and better for towels or maybe a sight. On the back of the backpack there are thick straps and buckles for you to wear your bow case like a backpack. There are also cushions for lumbar support and it enables airflow to your back. IMG_2872There is also a handle if you want to hang your bow case up right, with a small pocket for your address card just above it. There is also a side handle if you want to carry your bowcase like suit case (or like most other bow case). The Midas infinity archery backpack comes in three colors; blue, red, and grey. In one of my past blogs I talked about the many uses for a case and the reasons why you would buy a certain case.

In this particular “case”, archers that go and shoot in the bush a lot would find this style very useful. I know for me personally this case will be handy, light and easy for me to transport to where I shoot or back home to visit while I am at university.   I look forward to using this new bow case this up and coming school year.

Cartel’s New Clothing Guard

Full pic (Small)Recently I got a new clothing guard cartel, the Midas 201 chest guard. For those who have used the original Cartel 101, you know it is an excellent, comfortable, essential piece of archery equipment, and the good news is that Cartel has has build on this and made some significant improvements with the new Midas 201 chest guard.

ImprovementsAdjust 2 (Small)

  • Increased meshed material to help reduce extra heat when outdoors.
  • New Rubberized Strap helps reduce the amount movement of the closing guard on your body
  • Additional adjustment points: Provides 3-5 more points to adjust allow a better custom fitting
  • Adjust 1 (Small)New Colours: 6 colours adjust to your personal style including 2 new colours green and orange.

Rubber band (Small)I have already shot several training sessions with the new Midas 201 chest guard and have a total positive experience and I am very excited to use it this summer in several upcoming tournaments.

My Bow

IMG_7304Recently, one of my Tumbler followers asked me to share the details of my competition bow since they were moving towards competitive archery and wanted to know about my bow. First, I will explain the story of how I got to my current bow.

I have been searching for the perfect bow for me since the day I started shooting. Finding the perfect bow takes experimentation, trial and error. Your bow is a personal preference, so much so that in ancient times, it was a person’s most treasured possession and many kings were entombed with their bows. Finding the perfect bow may take years… and it may change as you grow, change and develop.

When I was just starting out at 9 years old, I needed a light mass weight bow. Something that would not damage my bow arm long term however would allow me to practice a lot. I was a good shot however VERY small for my age. I was able to come across the Fiberbow riser with a mass weight of only 599 grams, less than half the weight of other bows and it allowed me to practice a lot with less fatigue. This was a great bow until a couple of years ago, when I became stronger than the bow.

So before training for the Canada Games, I switched to the Cartel Midas 25” riser. I love that bow, it helped me win a Silver at the Canada Games and it took me to the World Indoor Championships in Las Vegas . This was an awesome bow for me as a cadet, however, with the change of divisions and greater distances as a junior I need to generate more power for outdoor shooting. Therefore I switched to a 23” Midas Riser and increased my limbs to 36 pounds. On initial tests I was able to top 196 feet per second and had to add additional weights to consistently settle on 194.5 fps. This is high for a recurve archer with only a 25” draw length.

IMG_7317My new bow is as follows…

  • 23” Cartel Midas Riser
  • 36# MK Archery Medium 1440 limbs
  • Cartel Spectra Sight
  • Cartel XD Stabilizer system with Midas V-bar
  • AAE Extended Clicker
  • Cartel Rest
  • Cartel Cushion Plunger
  • Custom String

Wow, this bow is amazing; I hardly feel the shot. The limbs are the smoothest I have ever shot. The limbs use carbon foam-core technology and are extremely smooth and straight. I love my new bow and it is the perfect bow for me right now. Although bow selection takes time and experimentation I hope you too can find the perfect bow for you.

Cartel Stabilizers and the Cartel Midas XD

Stabilization is fundamental to competition archery however most young archers do not understand the science behind them. It is more than eye-candy or ‘bling’ and most young archers want one just to look cool. A stabilizer system reduces vibration, provides a counter-balance to the tension caused by drawing heavier limbs and help stabilize the bow position. The long-rod stabilizer counter-acts the draw weight and provides damping of the string and the side-rods assist stabilizing the left and right motion of the bow.

One precaution is the extra mass weight, it is more important that you are able to first draw more weight. The additional weight can add additional tension and stress to a young archer’s shoulders and have long term effects if you are unable to maintain proper form while shooting. It took several years for me to start using a stabilizer and only recently have been able to add the sidebars. Already a couple of my promising archer friends are no longer shooting after not listening to their coach and started using too heavy stabilizers before they were ready. You need to learn to trust your coach’s opinion; they understand and know what is best, long term, for you.

Cartel offers many options in stabilizers and I have now shot with three; the CR Carbon Stabilizer, the FX 640 Stabilizer and the Midas XD Carbon.

CR Carbon is a great stabilizer for introduction stabilization because it is extremely light, provides great damping for light poundage limbs for minimal investment.

FX 640 is a great stabilizer system for a physically strong archer with heavier poundage limbs. The stabilizer is designed with four aluminum carbon rods and sliding weights. Although the stabilizer has a lot of mass weight for young archers, the weights are able slide back and forth so you can position them for the best damping for your bow.

For the young archer that wants the best of both worlds, I recommend the new Midas XD. The Midas XD provides great stabilization and damping without extra mass weight or huge expense. The non-polished surface does not reflect sunlight that can be distracting while shooting outdoors. Screw-on weights can be added or subtracted to end of the long-rod and side-bars to match even the most experienced archer’s needs. The stabilizer is designed with both red and black carbon fibers inlayed that produce a very cool and attractive pattern.

Once you and your coach decide it is time to begin stabilization, try several different styles until you find the right stabilizer for you. However check out the Midas XD Carbon you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Cartel Midas Cushion

The cushion or plunger is the balance element to minimize the vibration of an arrow as it is released to help consistent arrow flight. Having a plunger adjusted correctly can be the difference between a podium visit and cheering from the sidelines. Most cushions or plungers require a multitude of Allen keys to make even the smallest of changes and is something that an archer would very rarely attempt on the shooting line.

The new Cartel Midas Cushion (or plunger) makes the adjustments extremely easy and quick with the new micro-adjustment knob. The micro-adjustment knob, which is located on the end of plunger, adjusts the same way you micro-adjust a sight and doesn’t require an extra step of tightening the plunger to maintain the position.

If you are in the market for a new cushion or plunger, I suggest checking out Cartel’s Midas Cushion.

Cartel Midas Riser

Last week I switched to the new Cartel Midas riser and so far, I love every minute of it.

The Midas riser has a beautiful construction made of aluminum with anodized brushed metal look, mine is a red however they are also available in black, silver and blue.

The riser’s design is extremely forgiving since it is constructed with holes throughout the body to allow the wind to pass through easily and reduce wind interference to help with consistent shots. Although the riser’s weight is quite a bit heavier than my previous riser, the increased weight provides a counter balance to heavier limbs and reduces shoulder strain, especially for longer distances such as 70m.

The riser includes several great features including International Limbs Fittings (ILF), two options for the installation of your cushion or plunger and the ability to micro adjustment in/out and left/right of the tillers.

I believe the best feature is the natural wood handle, which above all else, should bring the Midas Riser to the top of anyone’s purchase list as it provides an amazing grip for all weather conditions including rain, heat and sweaty palms.

If you are looking for a high-end riser without the high-end price I recommend the Cartel Midas riser, you will not be disappointed.