Dress for Success

In other blogs I have talked about having the right bow equipment when shooting.  Clothing is important piece equipment that needs to fit properly.  Any clothing that you wear would vary depending on the weather and where you shoot.  If you are in a cold room you may want long sleeves on or a sweater on when shooting to keep you warm, or if you are in a warm area you may want to wear a T-shirt or a tank top on to keep you cool.

It is very important to remember that any shirts or sweaters that you are wearing when you are shooting must not interfere with the string when shooting.  The sleeves of these shirts have to be fairly well fitted to avoid interference, but the shirt still has to be loose enough for you to rotate your shoulder when drawing back on the string.

Regardless of the weather, every tournament has a dress code. This dress code usually revolves around common sense and generally states that you must wear solid colours, nothing that says anything inappropriate, and clothing must cover the  body to be respectable.  Check with your local, provincial, national and international rules to verify any clothing requirement before attending any tournaments.