Clicker, Clicker, my Kingdom for a Clicker.

At some point, if you want to become a more competitive archer, you are going to need to incorporate a draw length check or “clicker” to your bow. A bow clicker is a device that assists an archer to draw their bow consistently.  The clicker rides along the side of the arrow and produces a “clicking” sound after it passes over the point, hence the name “clicker”. By consistently measuring the draw length of the arrow you get a consistent power off the bow and therefore a more consistent grouping of arrows resulting in better scores.

Clickers take a lot of discipline and practice however once mastered, it is a competitive archer’s best friend.

Clickers can be mounted on the riser itself or along the sight depending on the length of your arrows and your draw length. Riser mounted clickers can be adjusted a little however you need to cut the arrows to match. Younger archers who require longer arrows and have shorter draw lengths should use sight mounted clickers.

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