Cartel Midas Cushion

The cushion or plunger is the balance element to minimize the vibration of an arrow as it is released to help consistent arrow flight. Having a plunger adjusted correctly can be the difference between a podium visit and cheering from the sidelines. Most cushions or plungers require a multitude of Allen keys to make even the smallest of changes and is something that an archer would very rarely attempt on the shooting line.

The new Cartel Midas Cushion (or plunger) makes the adjustments extremely easy and quick with the new micro-adjustment knob. The micro-adjustment knob, which is located on the end of plunger, adjusts the same way you micro-adjust a sight and doesn’t require an extra step of tightening the plunger to maintain the position.

If you are in the market for a new cushion or plunger, I suggest checking out Cartel’s Midas Cushion.