World Archery Indoor Championships 2014

downloadUnder the authority of the «World Archery Federation (WA) and with the support of the French Archery Federation(FFTA), and for the 2nd time after 2003, the city of Nîmes will host the 12th World Archery Indoor Championships from Tuesday 25th February to Sunday 2nd March 2014.

For this worldwide event, 400 athletes and their staff from 42 different nationalities coming from the 5 continents are awaited. During 6 days, these archers will excel to offer the 12,000 spectators the greatest show ever, with the help of the 180 friendly mobilized volunteers. Read More…


3 thoughts on “World Archery Indoor Championships 2014

  1. Hi there! My name is David and I just wanted to let you know you have a fellow sponsored archer by Cartel Doosung. Maybe see you at Nationals? I will be shooting Senior Recurve. I was recently sponsored by them late last year and they have been extremely supportive. Let me know if I can contact you for further correspondance? Nice to know there are now two of us in Canada!

    • Congratulations, Cartel Doosung is an awesome sponsor. They have been extremely generous, and supportive of me and I am sure the will be the same for you. You are welcome to contact anytime you want and we may see each other at Nationals. Jordan.

      • Yes! They have been very generous in their support. I have made some Cartel shooting shirts for tournaments as well to promote the brand. Let me know if u would be interested in seeing them. I can send u photos or a link

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