Nock-out on NBC Sports


Archery hits prime time television on Friday’s @ 1:00 PM on NBC Sports…

Nikki Haverstock, a longtime archer, coach and host of “Nock Out,” said the show will stir excitement about various archery styles, including 3D, USA Archery, National Field Archery Association, Next Step Archery and Archery Shooters Association. The show premiers July 26. “The show will broadcast archery to a broad audience, which will help archery interest explode,” Haverstock said. “Young people are excited, but they don’t know how many different types of competitive. Read More…

Check out the show and all the competitiors at

4 thoughts on “Nock-out on NBC Sports

  1. Great news Jordan! archery needs all the coverage it can get. Wishing for the day the Olympics start showing a LOT more archery than they do.

  2. Hey guys! Tony and I (Zelenda) are two of the shooters on this show: we were selected for compound shooters for this season, we are thrilled to have partaken in this; to us as the competitors, it was reality: competing for real, every day, in unique challenges…ANd YEAH!! Archery is booming and becoming more and more exposed, every bit will help! If you get the chance for next season, you definitely should apply if you enjoy a challenge and striving for success, we sure did! Hope you can watch us on this first season! Thanks for posting this, we appreciate it so much! -Zel

  3. Hi Jordan,

    I noticed that there is a knowledge gap in archery literature, perhaps one that you can fill.

    Most of the books out there on technique cater to beginners or those who have just got their first bow. Things like the ‘head test’ – where you aim, close you eyes, then open again to see if the pin is still on the gold – aren’t included.

    For those without access to a coach (like myself), it would be a big help to learn the about the tips and techniques to help us grow. Would you consider writing a post about these ‘intermediate-level’ tips?

    Best Regards,

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