Motivation: I AM: Jake Kaminski

Awesome video

The Coaching Files

We again take a short break in our current series on creating the Annual Training plan for some motivation:

Jake Kaminski is one of the men who represented the USA 2012 Olympics where he was part of the Silver Medal wining team. This video gives a bit of a back story to Jake. And contains some greatĀ snippetsĀ of motivation.

I love the I AM tattoo that Jake has. I love it for what it stands for. I love the fact that he used those I AM statements from 2007 (and earlier), prior to his achieving the Olympic dream. It reinforces that positive affirmations are so important in the development of the strong mental state required to succeed in sport!

Watch The Video

Below are some Motivational Highlights/Quotes taken from this video (and edited onto photos of ours):




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