Family Day Weekend Practice

IMG_7727What better way to spend time together with family than to go to your local archery club and shoot. On Saturday, and with Ontario Provincial Championships next weekend, we traveled to our home club in Winchester, Ontario to shoot practice and have a lot of fun.

IMG_7714Here are some photos that my dad took of all of us hanging out with friends and shooting a National Mail match score. First my little brother Cole…


Next my brother Joshua…


and my younger sister Sydney.

3 thoughts on “Family Day Weekend Practice

  1. I love that archery truly is a family sport. I got started in it when i was young because my entire family shot and i had no other option. And now i am passionately in love with the sport. Nothing is better then seeing entire families develop an interest in the sport. Such great family bonding time! I also love how archery is that contagious thing, like one family member starts and before you know another family member has been roped in and that just continues until everyone in the family is doing it!

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