Charles Lopez, another dedicated archer, shares his success with Dry Feathers.

Charles' Archery Blog

Jordan Sequillon an Olympic archery hopeful and an obviously dedicated person to the archery discipline posted on her blog a how to on drying feathers for arrows. I had left a comment on her blog telling her how timely her post was and that I had half a dozen arrows with flat, squished feathers. She in turn requested that I share my experience with everyone, which I am doing by writing this post.

For the non archers out there the problem is when feathers on arrows get wet they get flat and squished and worse they dry that way.

My method up to now had been to take my wet feathers and spin the shafts with my two hands fast, hoping centrifugal force would help get them into better shape for drying, but alas my fletchings were a mess. With the deluge we had in Maine this past weekend my…

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