Crispin Duenas in the Toronto Star

Fellow archer and World Indoor Championship teammate, Crispin Duenas was featured in the Toronto Star as he takes aim at the Olympic Games in London.

Check out the article : London Olympics: Canadian archer Crispin Duenas takes dead aim at return to Games

1 thought on “Crispin Duenas in the Toronto Star

  1. Thanx much for this post, Jordan. I made the minimum FITA grade decades ago, haven’t been back since. But, as a Filipino, i’m thoroughly (your generation would say “uber”) annoyed at how many of my stay-at-home countrymen automatically cheer and support boxers (Manny Paquiao is really great, but i think we’re over-doing it) and singers (so, Jessica Sanchez sang the *US* national anthem at the fight that he lost) … it’s something like living vicariously through the achievements of your (soi-disant) countrymen (or “kadugo”, as we say.) Yet nary a peep nor mention of Crispin. IMNHO, a horrible situation that needs a nudge hear and there. 🙂

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