Membership Benefits

Archery is a social sport and therefore most archers belong to a local archery club either in their school, community or city.  

Membership offers a lot of benefits including access to the clubs facilities for practice, availability to classes and coaches, knowledge sharing and a place to meet new friends with similar interests. Some additional benefits may include club leagues and tournaments, celebrations, club medal ceremonies, and an opportunity to measure your development through programs like CanBow. Membership to a club can also be a huge savings in shooting fees and tournament fees. My personal club is the South Nation Archery Club in Winchester Ontario, because of the level of coaching I receive from Kathy Millar and Larry Smith.

For those archers who want to participate in tournaments, they usually become members of the provincial and/or national archery association who are members of the world archery association. Membership to these associations provide additional benefits like eligibility for provincial and national teams, access to all provincial and national level tournaments, judge and coaching clinics, and the right to vote on issues and changes effecting your association.  One key benefit is insurance coverage, since archery is viewed as a fairly dangerous sport, although statistically it is one of the safest, most clubs require members to join to gain the advantages of insurance to participate in club events. Insurance coverage helps protect the archers, coaches and the club itself from the worse case scenarios.

If you are interested in participating in archery tournaments in Canada, I recommend you join your local and/or provincial association. In Ontario the provincial archery association is the Ontario Association of Archers (OAA) and the national archery association is Archery Canada (FCA).

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