Congratulations Team Canada

This past week the World Youth Championships were held in Legnica, Poland.  Canada was able to send at team of eighteen athletes to compete in all events. All the athletes faired very well however none were able to reach the finals in any event with the exception of one, the men Junior Compound team.

The team’s climb towards the gold medal match was amazing. Their matches lending up to the gold medal match were well shot matches having won against; Greece (218 – 223), Denmark (225 – 232), and USA (223 -227) including a new world record for 24 arrows with 232 against Denmark.

Canada showed ultimate sportsmanship for the gold medal match. With one of the Netherlands athletes requiring medical attention before the match and needing to go to the local hospital for minor injury, Canada agreed to delay the match until the entire Netherlands was able to compete.  Once the match was able to continue it was a very close match since the teams entered match play ranked first (Netherlands) and second (Canada) with the final resulting in a 222 to 220.

The final placing was Canada with the gold, Netherland with the sliver and the USA with the bronze. Congratulations to the Junior Compound Men Team members Keenan Brown, Michael Kupchanko and Christopher Perkins for their amazing victory.

Read more on the FITA Archery site here.

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