Protect your Sight

For Olympic discipline archers your sight is extremely important. You work hard practising to determine your sight marks and although there will always be minor adjustments to your sight marks since every tournament has slightly different conditions, accurate consistent shooting is the ultimate goal.

Although, your archery form will determine how well your arrows fly, even the slightest inaccuracy, twist, or damage to your sight will result in second-guessing your form causing frustration.

Since the last thing, every archer wants is to practice for weeks to get ready for a major competition, open your bag and find your sight is bent or broken. Therefore, to be ready for tournaments, you should get in the habit of taking care of your sight to avoid damage.

The majority of damage to sight happens when the sight is left together for transportation. Most competition sights come apart fairly easily, loosen one or two screws and slide the entire scope part off the tee rod.  Check out your sights instructions manual to find the proper method to disassemble it.

Recently, my sister learned the hard way to protect her sight, she left the sight together, shoved it in her bag and the next day she opened her case to find her scope had cracked. Luckily the damage was not so severe that was able to be repaired however it could have easily been damaged beyond repair and a very expensive mistake.

Protecting your sight is so important that some manufacturers provide a padded bag to protect your sight, with pockets to store your investment. If your sight did not come with a sight bag to protect it, consider purchasing one like Cartel Doosung’s 201 Sight Bag.

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