Beginner Coaching

Last weekend I attended the Beginner Archery Coach Certification course in Toronto, held at the Ontario Centre for Classical Sport.  This two-day course provides the foundation for persons who want to develop the necessary skills for training beginner level archers. It covers how to create and manage a sports program while working with entry-level archers. The course entails both in class education as well as workshops and presentations that cover instructing basic archery skills including giving constructive feedback, properly selecting and maintaining archery equipment while instilling safety and range etiquette.

The course also covered setting up a class and developing practice plans however it also dives deeper into training and motivating your athletes, how to analyse their form, both basic skills and long-term athlete development, including athletes with disabilities and dealing with delicate and emergency response situations.

After completing the two-day National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) course you are a Trained Beginner Archery Coach and you have a couple of steps to complete to become certified. You need to teach an archery class and have three students, two coaches complete a survey on your performance and create an emergency action plan which includes a practice plan.

Once complete you are a Certified Beginner Archery Coach, receive your official certificate and are able to begin training entry-level archers.  If you are interested in becoming a coach and getting more involved in archery you can contact your local archery association.  In Ontario, contact the  Ontario Association of Archers.

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