Silver is a very nice colour

I returned last night from Halifax and the Canada Winter Games . I shot for Team Ontario in the Individual event and after the first two days of qualification ranking, I was tied for third place and received an automatic bye to the quarterfinals held on Thursday. After winning my first match was against Manitoba (104-99), I faced number 2 seed Alberta winning by a single point (101-100) to advance to the Gold Medal match.   I then faced number 1 seed Quebec however I lost by only 2 points 112 -110 (out of 120) to capture the Silver medal.

On Friday, Jin Lee of Thornhill and I teamed up for the team event, using our combined scores from the qualifications rounds, we were ranked fourth and received a bye to the quarterfinals. After winning our match against fifth seeded British Columbia, we lost to first seeded Alberta to move in the Bronze medal match against third seeded Quebec. Unfortunately, Jin and I were unable to upset Quebec and we lost the Bronze medal match by a single point 222-221 (out of 240).

I really enjoyed competing and forming new friendship with these awesome archers from across Canada. The Canada Games were an amazing experience and since the aged limit is 22, I hope to have another opportunity to represent Ontario at the next Canada Winter Games in four years in Prince George BC.

4 thoughts on “Silver is a very nice colour

  1. BC is ready and waiting for your next Canada Games experience Jordan. Watching you compete over the live stream was such a thrill. Your incredible grace under pressure and sportsmanship throughout the competition was such an inspiration to both the viewers and your fellow competitors. It is obvious that you love your sport and by the looks of that “bling” that you brought home…I think it loves you too!

    Congratulations on a tremendous achievement!

  2. Great job Jordan. What a great experience. I look forward to your next medal. With a dream in place you can do anything.

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