Archery does not require a lot of cardiovascular; however, the continuous drawing back of the bowstring requires strength and muscle endurance.  It is very important to prepare your muscles properly before you shoot, whether for practice, fun or a tournament.

How important? If you have ever felt a little stiff, neck kink or muscle cramps the next day, this is your body telling you should have stretched.  Almost everyone wants to start shooting arrows right way however, I personally find that it helps get a greater performance in fewer warm up shots if you stretch first.

Stretching achieves two things, extends muscle fibers and increases blood flow increasing oxygen to muscles, ligaments and tendons. This helps make them more limber and avoids minor, serious and even long term injury such as tendonitis.

Here are five easy stretching exercises that every archer can adopt to their warm-up

Head roll

Head slide

Side stretch

Arm cross

Arm circles

There is a long list of other stretching techniques advanced archers perform to prepare their bodies to get ready for a shoot. Some stretching routines are designed by coaches to address specific areas unique to each archer especially anyone that has sustained any type of major injury.If you shoot often, talk to your personal coach about the stretching routine that is best for you.

It is never too late to start stretching to prevent injury; make it a regular habit.

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