Midas Finger Tab

A finger tab is a necessary piece of archery equipment for recurve archers, and are sometimes used by compound archers that do not use a release aid. They are usually made of leather or synthetic leather to protect your fingers from the string.  It may also contain additional layers of other materials for comfort and additional protection.

Both features and comfort are extremely important when choosing a finger tab. Modern finger tabs can contain multiple features including a reinforced base plate, finger spacer and stationary or adjustable shelves.

A base plate is designed to fit the palm of the hand improving finger stability at full draw.

A finger spacer helps assist the archer from pinching the arrow, reducing negative effects on the arrow flight.

A shelf helps with establishing a consistent anchor point and an adjustable shelf can assist young archers gain greater distance outdoors.

Although there are many various selection of finger tabs on the market, if you are looking for a full-featured finger tab that is affordable, checkout the new Cartel Midas Finger Tab. It is a great finger tab for both beginner and experienced archers and is available is many new cool colors.

Once you purchase the appropriately featured finger tab, it is important to trim the leather to match the length of your fingers, since any extra length could affect the string while you are shooting.  If there are any additional layers on the finger tab, you can choose to trim or remove them entirely so that the tab is not too stiff to shoot with. Practicing with the finger tab will naturally soften the leather and mold it to your fingers.

Tip:  If the leather is just too stiff, you can use a drop or two of baseball glove softener to assist with the process.

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