2010 Canadian Championships

Last week, I competed in this years’ Canadian National Archery Championship held in the very scenic Halifax, Nova Scotia. The target championship consisted of a double FITA Star competition for the first 4 days. Target rankings from this event setup the Canadian Open (formerly FCA Open) which is a one-day double elimination match play event. Lastly, I competed in the Field Championship for the final two days.  Here are a couple of links to picture slideshow of the events.

2010 Canadian Archery Championships – Part 1 and Part 2

The tournaments had a variety of weather including blazing heat, rain and high winds with gusts up to 50km/h. The tournament was a great learning experience and also a lot of fun. This year I was fortunate to bring home the bronze in both the Target Championship and Canadian Open and win the silver in the Field competition. I also received my FITA 1100 pin during the target championship and I am getting closer to my 1200 pin everyday.

During the target championship, I discovered a neat use for the extra arm on the Cartel RX-10 bow stand. Because of the high winds, I stored my bow in the stand in the traditional way with the stabilizer-pointing straight up so it would be less likely to tip in the high winds. This allowed me to use the extra arm to store my scorecards securely as illustrated in the picture. The arm can also hold a towel in the rain or your hat while you are shooting. These are just some more reasons why everyone should consider purchasing the new Cartel RX-10 bow stand.

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